Happy Halloween…sort of

I’m dressed up with nowhere to go.  I’m pretty disappointed with Halloween this year.

It’s our first Halloween in our new house and I was incredibly excited to hand out candy to all the neighborhood kids.  I’ve always loved checking out everyone’s costumes and dropping treats in their bags.  After living in an apartment the last few years with no trick-or-treaters, I was ready to finally celebrate this year.

Care for an eye-opening cocktail?

I had a few hiccups with my costume, for which I purchased a pattern and fabric on the spur of the moment during a trip to Jo-Ann’s last month.  I was going to be a friendly witch, with a tulle tutu.  Who doesn’t love a tulle tutu? It was a no-sew pattern and should’ve been a piece of cake Halloween candy to make, but I forgot that pattern instructions are often quite cryptic.  Well, I cut out the fabric two weeks ago with Shane’s help – 14 yards of tulle isn’t very manageable – even with his help, it wasn’t easy.  Last Sunday when I went to tie the tulle onto the elastic waistband, I realized I cut my tulle strips in the wrong direction, resulting in a too short skirt!

Oops! Well, instead of tying the strips evenly in half around the waistband, I modified.  I tied the strips unevenly resulting in a slightly less-perfect, more witch-like look.  I’m quite pleased with the way my costume turned out.

Don’t you just love my use of Lily as a prop for my costume?

Well, back to tonight.  That’s me earlier this evening, before disappointment set in.  You see, I’ve been dressed up for 4 hours now, ready to hand candy out to the masses of trick-or-treaters.  Not one has rung our doorbell.  Not. At. All.  Even our neighbors on the other side of the duplex didn’t even knock on our door after Shane waved at them as they were leaving to trick-or-treat.

We have our Jack-o-Lanterns glowing out front, our porch light on, Halloween party music playing – courtesy of Pandora – and no trick-or-treaters.  I’m so bummed.  The only person that’s seen my costume is Shane.  I didn’t go to any Halloween parties this weekend – not really my thing anymore.  I was really, really looking forward to being a friendly witch with plenty of treats to pass out!

Shane's Pumpkin

Well, I do have PLENTY of candy.  And to think I was worried about running out of candy given the number of kids I’ve seen in the neighborhood.  Our street has been deserted tonight.  Hardly any of my neighbors have their porch lights on and the only people I’ve seen walking down the street are people walking home from metro after work.

Allison's Pumpkin

Guess my co-workers will be reaping the benefits tomorrow…

Halloween 2011, you’ve been a total let-down.


5 thoughts on “Happy Halloween…sort of

  1. HI Pumpkin,
    Sorry about your disappointment, but I have been there as well the last few years! On the good note, you looked Marvelous and the pumpkins are awesome!

    Happy Halloween!

    • I’m still feeling bummed out this morning, but my coworkers sure appreciated the candy.

      Maybe next year I’ll just buy a few king size candy bars and hope that I get a few kids. Then the following year maybe I’ll get more.

      Or, I just won’t plan on being home next year and do something more fun than sitting at home waiting for kids to ring the bell.

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