A Yarn Wrap

Boy, it’s been awhile.  October has turned out to be a pretty crazy, busy month for me.  Truth be told, the only reason I have found time and energy (sort of) to post now, is because I’m home sick from work with a cold.  I certainly feel crappy, so I’m really hoping the cold goes away pretty quickly here.

I wanted to post about the making of my autumn yarn wreath.  I had been waiting until I got around to embellishing it.  Let’s be honest, those embellishments are just not happening this year.  Maybe I’ll jazz up the wreath next year.  I kind of like it as-is for now.

I was inspired by a few different yarn wreaths I had seen on Pinterest and set out to make my own.  I was hoping to make an argyle yarn wreath, but the yarn I selected led me down a different path.

Portia models my wreath supplies

To get started, I stopped at Michael’s and picked up a straw wreath form, 4 pieces of felt – 2 burgundy, 2 dark gray, and three skeins of yarn.  (Note: I never used the felt – I had been thinking about making felt flowers as embellishments).  For the yarn I chose Vanna’s Choice by Lion Brand in Terracotta and Mustard.  I also picked out Paton’s Classic Wool in Dark Grey Marble.

Once home, I armed myself with scissors and put Pretty Woman on and began wrapping my wreath.  I left the plastic wrapper on the straw form to keep things neat.  I then used a sharpie to mark out my design on the wreath form, labeling each section with what color it would be.

Following my guide, I picked a yarn color, knotted it on the form and began wrapping away, doing my best to keep it neat.

Next time I create a yarn wreath, I will not use a straw form.  Even with the plastic wrapper on, it’s too lumpy and bumpy to get a nice even wrap with the yarn.  If you look closely at mine, there’s all kinds of gaps where the yarn doesn’t cover the straw despite my best effort.  I would strongly recommend using a foam wreath form, or cheaper yet – foam tubing from the plumbing department at Home Depot.

The good news is, this was a pretty easy project.  By the end of the movie, I had successfully wrapped my entire wreath.

Those paying close attention will notice my Pearl Jam Pillow on the chair and that when I hung the wreath on the door, I ultimately chose to hang it with the terracotta on the sides instead of top and bottom.

Perhaps one day I’ll get around to embellishing it…but probably not this year.  Mentally, I’ve already started thinking about Christmas decorations and crafts, so the autumn stuff will be mostly on hold until next year.

P.S. I will post with my finished Halloween costume and carved pumpkins this weekend!


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