Falling for Autumn

Nothing is better in my book than the perfect Fall day.  For me, yesterday fit the bill.  It was dark, rainy, windy and cold which left me with the desire to snuggle under a blanket, cuddle up with my kitties and spend the day inside. Perfection!

I admit, my day got off to a rough start.  Remember that hula class I was going to try out? Well, I didn’t make it.  I’m not to blame, either! I encountered a metro fail.  For those of you that live in the DC metro area, you should be quite familiar with the ups and downs (mostly downs) of the metro system.  For those of you not from the area, well, our public transit isn’t always the most reliable.  Lately, the weekends have been awful with track work causing single-tracking on nearly every line, slowing an already slow weekend train schedule.  Every week, I check the track work schedule to see if we’ll be affected or not.  To my relief, our line was scheduled for work, but our section would not be affected – or so I thought!

My class was scheduled for 8:15am.  I left the house at 7:15 and walked the few blocks to the station to arrive around 7:20ish.  I watched a train pull out while I was crossing through the parking lot (coincidentally, the train Shane was on – he was late to work yesterday, too).  The next train did not arrive until 7:50.  By 8:00 we had only gone two stops and were holding for single-tracking.  At that rate, I was never going to make it to my class.  I probably wouldn’t have made it to the gym until 9:00! Then, I would’ve had to make the journey back home.  Yuck! I didn’t want to spend my entire Saturday on public transportation! I think they had unplanned work to complete on my line which resulted in the delays, but I was pretty ticked.  I was really looking forward to the hula class! Anyways, I jumped off at stop #2 and caught the next train going the other direction.  Always love a metro ride to nowhere!

After a hot shower (to warm up after walking and waiting/metro-ing in the cold rain) I officially got started with my day.  My first stop was Michael’s to pick up supplies for a yarn wreath like those seen here and here.  Mine didn’t turn out to be argyle due to lack of felt in colors I really liked.  I’ll post more about the wreath once it’s complete.  Then I made a quick stop at Home Depot for some mums to spruce up our front door area after our petunias failed.  It was too cold and rainy to plant the mums when I got home, so I did that this morning instead.  Pics to come, probably tomorrow.

I spent the rest of the day cuddled up inside, working on my wreath and watching movies.  Oh, and I made the perfect dinner to kick-off Fall: chili and cornbread! Boy, did that hit the spot!!!

  The chili-making wasn’t without hiccups.  Mid-recipe while my onions were sweating, I realized I was all out of chili powder.  Oops! What’s chili without, well, chili?! Had to make a quick trip to the grocery store, but it turned out delicious.  This time, I made a standard vegetarian chili.  What do you like to put in your chili to make it special? Any secret ingredients?   Served with homemade cornbread, It was the perfect conclusion to my cold, dark and stormy Fall day!


2 thoughts on “Falling for Autumn

  1. I love fall!!! Vegetarian Chili is a great way to start the season! Come to think of it, I may make some tonight. I like to add a small amount of chopped jalepeno peppers to give it a little extra “kick!”

  2. I totally made chili once without the chili powder. Realized about halfway through I was out, and continued anyway. It was not good chili — in fact, the only chili I’ve ever made that I didn’t finish! Good thing you got to run to the store for that vital ingredient.

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