Gym Rat

After updating our to-do list for the house, nothing has been accomplished this week. Oops! That’s ok by me, though.

Instead of being busy with projects around the house, I joined a gym this week. It’s an idea I’ve been kicking around for a few months and finally seized the motivation to do it. I used to dance hula, but the rehearsal times, and frankly the group’s performance schedule, was just not working for me and Shane. When Sunday is the only day we both have off, I really didn’t want to spend it at practice. As much as I love the culture and the choreography of hula, I just couldn’t take that time away from my husband.

I spent the summer kind of lost. I didn’t have any activities to participate on my own and I wasn’t exercising very much either. I tried a yoga class for several weeks at my community center, but I wasn’t really feeling it. I even debated getting a countywide rec center membership. While there are lots and lots of facilities, most classes still cost extra and the membership was waaaay expensive.

It wasn’t until last week I heard about a Hula4Health class offered at my local Bally’s, taught by a very accomplished hula dancer, that I gave a gym membership a second thought. Drawn by the class, I signed up for a tour at Bally’s on Tuesday. I liked their facilities and their price was good to boot – $20/month! I joined on the spot.

Included in my membership was a FREE session with a personal trainer which I somehow managed to survive yesterday afternoon. I really liked working with the trainer who got me in the swing of things, refreshing me on equipment and strength-building exercises I hadn’t used since I left the rowing team in college. He worked me hard. At the end, I was struggling to finish my last set but was rewarded afterwards when he stretched me out reeeaaaaally good. Of course, they tried to sell me on a personal training package. I honestly would love to work with my own trainer every week, but $99/hour-long session is way out of my budget! I guess I’ll be on my own in between group exercise classes I can attend (included in my membership).

I admit, I was very worried I wouldn’t be able to move when I woke up this morning. Luckily, I’m sore, but a good sore that comes with a feeling of accomplishment. It has me ready to go and get back in the gym soon! The strength exercises can wait for next week, though. First thing tomorrow morning I’m going to try out the Hula4Health class!!!


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