Skirting the Issue

Time flies.  Really fast.  I can’t believe two whole weeks have gone by since my last post.  I have all of these things I want to write about, but I just never seem to find the time to sit down and do it.  Of course, it doesn’t help that any free time I have lately is lost to perusing Pinterest.  Oops!

I did finally manage to tackle a project in my bedroom that had been sitting around taunting me for some time. I couldn’t stand the look of our bed.  We needed new bedding big time.  I hated the brown duvet I liked so well a few years ago.  It wasn’t even the right size for the bed, and I needed shams for our Euro pillows (not pictured). Also, you can see my clothing storage under the bed.  Not attractive at all.  Here’s the before:

We got new bedding months ago.  I ordered a new bedding set online at Target back in June.  (I would link to the product details, but I guess it’s no longer in stock in any color).  I got the queen-size Home Kissing Pleat Comforter set in violet that included a comforter, two pillow shams and a bed skirt.  There was just one slight problem.  Ikea beds are apparently not designed for bed skirts.  I know, bed skirts usually evoke images of frilly pastel dust ruffles that belong in your grandmother’s bedroom – at least for me.  Now, they tend to make them more streamlined with a modern look.  It’s really not that bad.  Since my bed sits pretty high off the floor, my main objective for the bed skirt was to hide the junk under my bed.

Once the bedding arrived in the mail (after a quick wash) we excitedly got to work changing out our drab brown duvet for the new muted grape colored comforter.  Lily even got in on the action, making sure it was all nice and comfortable.

We soon discovered what I alluded to before – that those Swedish beds don’t really want to work with bed skirts.  We pulled the mattress off the bed and began tucking the exposed part of the skirt between the bed frame and the slatted base.  Not an easy task.

It wasn’t until we had the skirt 3/4 of the way on we realized that there was a problem.  Our bed has a mid-beam that runs from the headboard to the footboard and provides a nice stable base for the slats.  Well, there was no getting the skirt around that at the foot of the bed. The mid-beam was in the way.

Since it was already mostly on, we just left it and lived with it for a couple months.  Eventually, I had the motivation to move the mattress and pull the bed skirt out again. In the mean time, I had purchased some coordinating light gray shams for our Euro pillows at Bed, Bath & Beyond.  They complemented the look of the new comforter and made our headboard not seem so high.  I’m still in the market for a pretty light gray throw blanket we can keep on the foot of the bed.  I’m hoping now that Fall is here I might have some better luck.

To start my quick modification of the bed skirt, I washed and then ironed it so it was clean and nice and flat to work with.  I very carefully folded the skirt in half on the bottom panel and then ironed a crease on that fold.  I then used my trusty fabric scissors and cut the panel up to the white part that sits under the mattress.  I folded a  half inch hem on each side of the cut and pinned it in place.  Then with a quick go through the sewing machine I had created two panels where one had existed moments before.  Now, the bed skirt would fit around the mid-beam and successfully hide my junk!

Taking a quick break from Sunday football, Shane helped to put the bed skirt in place one final time.

Our new bed:

Doesn’t it look classy? (Note, the pleats would actually be kissing if I cared to iron my comforter, but who in the world irons their comforter?)  To complete the look I still need a new throw blanket, a throw pillow, nightstands and lighting. Still, I think it’s loads better than the “Before.”


3 thoughts on “Skirting the Issue

  1. Hey, I have that same bed! And even though I have had it for nearly a year, I still haven’t put a dang bed skirt on to hide all of the dust bunnies under the bed. Good to know that when I do you solved the (only) Swedish design flaw.

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