A Shucking Good Time or Please, Not S’more!

I alluded in yesterday’s post to the exciting, yet terrifying, events taking place in the DC metro area over the last few weeks: earthquakes, hurricanes and flooding! As if these events aren’t stressful enough for new homeowners like ourselves, Shane and I have been pretty worried about our roof problems.

Last night, we were finally able to put the problems of the past week aside and just hang out and relax.  We fired up our brand new gas grill (a great housewarming gift we received several weeks ago) and cooked up some cheeseburgers.  They just taste sooo much better than previous iterations on the George Foreman or our grill pan.  We can’t get enough of this grill! I’m pretty sure as long as a snow drift doesn’t block us, we’ll be grilling all winter (but who knows with this wacky DC weather lately).  Along with our yummy cheese burgers we grilled corn on the cob.  Did I mention I love having a grill? Once we felt we could let our hair down and be silly – a proven cure for stress – the shucking of the corn spurred a lot of dorky and immature jokes between the two of us.  Among them, this post’s title and my favorite: Go shuck yourself!

Following our delicious grilled dinner, we decided to use the grill for dessert too! Our Char-Broil has a handy side burner that we thought would be perfect for roasting marshmallows, so we gave it a shot and made s’mores. Yummy!

S'more fixin's!

While we were out back enjoying s’more bliss, a police car with lights and sirens whizzed by our house extremely fast.  Pretty soon there were several more police cars screaming down the street.  Shane and I, curious and slightly nosy neighbors, wanted to see what was happening.  We walked out to the driveway and watched at least 10 police cars start racing up and down our main street and combing all of the side streets.  We quickly realized the police weren’t just responding to an incident – they were clearly on a manhunt.  We hurried back inside, locking the doors behind us.  We turned out all the lights so we could watch the activity from our upstairs bedroom window.  Shortly thereafter a police chopper appeared above our neighborhood and was providing aerial support for the officers on the ground.  We watched the police trek up and down the street and back down again, several times over.

Eventually, we pulled up our local police scanner on radioreference.com.  We had to wait a few minutes, but eventually heard what we were waiting for: an armed robbery had occurred at the 7-eleven just two blocks away!  One suspect was apprehended nearby with a fractured ankle and a busted lip.  The police were still searching for a second suspect.  Pretty scary! Nothing like knowing an armed robbery suspect is running around your neighborhood trying to evade the police! Perhaps 15 minutes later, we heard the second suspect had been caught at the parking garage of the nearby metro station.  Whew!

I don’t know what kind of idiot decides to rob a convenience store while a county fire and rescue command post is set-up directly across the street (still there for assistance with Thursday’s flooding).  At least I know how quickly police are able to respond to my neighborhood.  I’m still checking the news to learn any more details of the robbery and hoping nobody was seriously injured.  It was quite a night, but I was really hoping for more rest and relaxation than an adrenaline rush.  If only our neighborhood could catch a break!


One thought on “A Shucking Good Time or Please, Not S’more!

  1. Wow, you certainly have seen a lot in the last few weeks! Perhaps it is the “My parents moved to Sweden” curse! Everything seems to happen when we are not close enough to help out!

    Mighty smart of you to go inside and lock the doors – it would have been something if the guy smelled your s’mores and wanted to stop by to have one 🙂 Nothing like a s’more at gunpoint!

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