6 Months as Homeowners: Lessons Learned

Today marks 6 months since Shane and I officially became homeowners.  You can read a little bit about our anxious excitement in March here.  Our leaky ceiling is still haunting us 6 months later.  I will be back to comment on that at a later date – once our issue is resolved (perhaps legally).

I feel as though I have learned quite a bit about homeownership since March.  I boiled down my lessons learned into a list of ten, although they are in no particular order.

  1. Everything costs much more than you think it will.  However much money you plan to spend on something, double it.  Maybe even triple it to be on the safe side.  I have watched money fly out of my pockets, wallet and bank account over the last several months.  I thought once we scraped together that down payment, we’d be done.  Not so, I’ve learned.  $1,000 on new locks here, $3,000 on a new A/C there, etc, etc.  And that’s just the big ticket items!
  2. In order to complete one project, you will have to complete (or at least start) half a dozen others first.
  3. Furthermore, the to-do list only grows.  It never gets shorter.  I will update our original to-do list in the next couple days so you can see our “progress.”
  4. I will never be satisfied with the arrangement/furniture/cleanliness/organization/function of this house for a long, long time.  As a recovering perfectionist I took a big step and hosted family for Easter.  Due to my perfectionist tendencies, I was afraid it was a fluke and wouldn’t happen again.  I did manage, however, to host another family get-together with my cousins while my parents were in town.  (I never could’ve pulled it off without my mom who managed to plan the menu and delegate cooking tasks better than anyone I know).
  5. Owning a house, anything can go wrong at anytime.  Like our dinnertime plumbing emergency.
  6. Don’t underestimate the impact of a quick upgrade, like our bathroom hardware.
  7. I really can’t get enough of organization.  I might need help with my organization obsession.  I still need to update y’all with my new and improved linen closet.
  8. Be careful what you wish for.  My rain dances apparently worked too well, albeit on a delay, following the heat wave.
  9. Mother Nature can be cruel.  Since the heat wave that fried all my flowers, we have had an earthquake (very unusual in the DC area), Hurricane Irene and now catastrophic flooding in my neighborhood.  This past Thursday while I was working late, half of my neighborhood was evacuated due to a bad combination of high tide and incredibly heavy rain that caused the neighborhood stream to think it was a raging river.  As of this writing, there is still a rescue command post and several emergency vehicles still on stand-by down the street.  At least they deemed the two rescue boats no longer necessary.
  10. Thank God every day for your blessings.  Despite our leaky roof which could be a lot worse, we are praising God for all that he has given us.  Plenty of our neighbors and friends have lost a lot in the flooding this week.  One friend’s basement flooded all the way up to the first floor and I’m sure what they lost is simply overwhelming.

This is just a taste of what I’ve learned in the first six months.  We’ll have to wait and see how the year finishes out.  I’m pretty sure I will be learning lessons as a homeowner for the rest of my life (or so I am told)!


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