Labor Day Weekend

This past weekend I had a lot of fun!

On Saturday I made a trip to one of the largest JoAnn Fabrics in the area with a few goals in mind.  I wanted to find a pattern for Christmas stockings (it’s never to early to think about Christmas decorations, in my book anyways), fabric to recover a cushion in our family room, and fabric to recover our ottoman cushion in the front room.  I walked out with a pattern for Christmas stockings (at 99cents to boot!) – check, fabric for the ottoman – check, and a Halloween costume pattern and fabric – check wait, what? What can I say? I found the Halloween section pretty inspiring and can’t wait to get started on my costume! More on that later.

I never shared our front/dining room upgrades that we added in July.  Thanks to the generosity of a local aunt & uncle, we were gifted two great pieces of furniture to add to our front room.  Both pieces barely amazingly fit into our itty, bitty Ford Fiesta.  Shane arrived with the car looking like this:

We unloaded the car, but not without mishap.  I managed to get a black eye due to an error in communication with my hubby.  Oops!  I realize that sounds like he might’ve punched me.  There was no domestic violence to be had, I just managed to connect my eye with a corner on the furniture.  I am a pretty big klutz in real life.

The owner of that violent wooden corner is our new bar.  I think it is the neatest thing!  In its previous life it was a liquor cabinet in a senator’s hideaway.  Then it went to live at Shane’s aunt & uncle’s house.  I love having furniture with a history, even if it lashes out at me while removing it from the car.  Here’s what it looked like once we brought it inside:

It was a little beat up with some nicks and seeming water damage to the wood on the door front.  I also had to Gorilla Glue the wooden knob in place so it would actually function.  We were talking about maybe, sometime in the future, refinishing the cabinet, but I liked that it wore its age well.  My parents were here visiting a few weeks ago during their big move to Sweden and my mom just took lemon oil and a cloth to the wood with beautiful results! It seriously looked like a whole new cabinet! You could see the character of the wood, without looking damaged.  It didn’t hurt either that my parents filled it up with the booze they couldn’t move with them.  Here’s the bar with its “new” finish:

The other thing classing up our front/dining room is our new-to-us Papasan chair.  We replaced the chair cushion with a pretty green microfiber cushion we picked up at Pier 1 Imports for around $60.  It’s super soft and cozy – we’re always fighting over who gets to sit in the chair.

However, there was no matching ottoman cushion at Pier 1 and we didn’t care for the other options they offered.  We decided I could easily enough recover the existing cushion.  A much better option, I think, since I could then mix in a patterned fabric for interest.  Hence, the trip to JoAnn’s.  I chose an indoor/outdoor canvas fabric that should hold up well to feet and kitties on the ottoman.  Portia has lately adopted the ottoman as her new bed.  She was upset when I tried to move her to test out the look of the new fabric.

The above gives a pretty good idea for how the new fabric will work with the existing cushion and our World Market curtains.  I’m pretty pumped about this look and can’t wait to get that cushion recovered! I’ll be sure to post when I do.

Among other activities this weekend, we scoped out sheds at Lowes. Shed shopping has been a much longer process then I anticipated.  How do you meet form, function and affordability? I think we have an answer – we’ll see.  Don’t worry, we didn’t spend the entire Labor Day weekend doing things around/for the house.  Sunday afternoon we took a pontoon boat cruise around a lake with the aforementioned aunt & uncle.  We had a blast fishing, swimming and tubing! We also managed to run into our realtor while out on the lake.

This afternoon we took some time to go geocaching – one of our newer hobbies.  Shane jokes that we use millions of dollars worth of satellite technology to locate Tupperware in the woods.  For a full description of the hide and seek that is geocaching, check out  We didn’t have our best afternoon – finding only 2/5 – but we had fun looking!  A couple of them we’re going to try again on another day.  Here’s Shane in the woods looking for one of our finds and then me signing the logbook.

Well, that’s all for tonight.  I have to prepare for reentry to reality tomorrow morning.  The bummer about long weekends is that they still never seem long enough!


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