My Brown Thumb and Weed-B-Gone

It was just a few weeks ago that my pink petunias and other potted flowers were blooming and filling me with joy just to look at them.

I wish I had some pictures from the intervening weeks.  The flowers really started to bloom and explode with color, trailing over the edges of the pots.  I believe the flower pots value, regardless how small, lay in redeeming the weed patch I call my front yard.  Sadly, the flowers did not survive the heat wave mentioned here. Despite keeping the flowers adequately watered, the merciless sun empowered by the soaring temperatures burned them to a crisp.


I wish I could say that my plants inside are doing much better.  Honestly, most of them are, it’s just the two plants in my family room that are in death’s grip.

Meanwhile, the front-yard weeds, emboldened by the heatwave  decided to fully invade every possible square inch of the yard.  Last weekend, I set out to remedy both my inside and outside plant problems.

I started by digging out the dead plants from my pots out front.  I’m going to wait a few weeks until I can plant some mums and redecorate in fall colors.  (It’s nearly here – I can almost smell the new pencils and hear the leaves crunching!)

The front yard is another story.  Here’s a first ever shot of what we call our front “yard.” It’s nearly all weeds and there’s a bus stop right out front.  We have a long way to go towards curb appeal.

I couldn’t stand the feel of the weeds brushing against my flip-flopped feet as I walked through the front gate every day.  They had to go! Between Saturday and Sunday I pulled enough weeds to fill an entire yard waste bag.  I found the pulling of the weeds to be oddly gratifying.  Where I set out to just pull those that were along the sidewalks, I ended up pulling further and further into the “lawn.” In fact, the following Monday I was sore in my fingers, wrist, arms, back and legs from all the weeding.  Unfortunately, I also developed a rash on the backs of my legs from the weeds.  My sensitive skin doesn’t like them either!

To aid my effort, on Saturday I simply sprayed the smaller weeds in the rock bed with Round-Up and then easily pulled them up on Sunday.  Here’s the mentioned rock bed only partially weeded.  I was far too exhausted at the end of the day Sunday to manage any “after” pictures.


Back inside, I managed to improve the potted plant situation as well.  As part of a larger Home Depot trip, we picked up a couple of potted palm trees and a Bromeliad.  I simply composted the old plants – while saving a smaller, healthier sapling, and used the existing pots for the new palms.  They certainly liven up our family room and contribute to the slightly tropical feel. 

Yes, that’s I Love Lucy on the TV.  I like how the palms add balance and life to the room now. More life and color in the family room:


I also re-potted the sapling I saved in an extra pot I had and put it in the dining room with some of our healthier houseplants.

My fingers are crossed I can manage to keep everything green from now on.  As for the front “lawn,” we have plans to sterilize the soil, re-level it and lay some new sod down by the end of September.  We’ll see if we can make that goal.

Who else has had bad luck with plants this year? Anybody else have a front yard made of entirely weeds? Am I the only one that likes to take out aggression by systematically pulling out weeds?


2 thoughts on “My Brown Thumb and Weed-B-Gone

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