I have a confession: I am obsessed with Etsy.  I definitely lose myself for hours at a time just browsing.  I spent a couple hours the other night perusing the “Geekery” section where I found a plethora of vintage and handmade goods ranging from a Captain America Nintendo Cartridge Clock to a complete Jayne Cobb gift kit from Ma Cobb.  I find Etsy’s website much easier to use than eBay, in which I never was interested in the first place. I also think the website is easier to browse. 

You can search by item type: Vintage, Handmade or All items and then by a number of categories including Art, Furniture, Weddings, Papergoods, Needlecraft, Pets and Holidays among many others.  Whether or not I’m searching for something specific, I feel like I’m on a treasure hunt and strike gold every time.  You can also take the Etsy Taste Test and identify which objects from a given selection you like and you will have suggestions that fit your taste on your home screen every time you log in.  I like that I’m able to “favorite” items I like and come back to them later, or use them to browse different Etsy Shops for similar items.  I think the taste test works almost too well.  I log on and I’m teased by all the neat things on my home page and can’t resist that first click to learn more about something I see. 

I’ve watched a coworker become obsessed with Etsy over the last several months as she prepares for her wedding in October.  She has definitely purchased some unique items that will make her wedding extra special and ensure that all her guests leave with the couple’s monogram imprinted on their brains.  However, I’m pretty fond of the custom wedding hanger she ordered.  As I’ve watched my coworker order more and more from Etsy, I’ve become wary of creating an account.  I know it can be a slippery slope.  I can see myself having a hard time resisting that perfect fill-in-the-blank-here that I just have to have and going nuts with PayPal.  I’ve managed to resist until the last week.

While searching Etsy for maps to create my desired map art in my dining room, I caved.  In order to save the location of the maps I found, I had to create an account to add them to my favorites.  Now I feel myself teetering on the edge, just looking for a reason to purchase all the neat things I’ve found.  There’s not a lot separating me from slipping down into Etsy-mania.  I hardly sit on my computer and surf the internet, yet I find with Etsy I can’t resist.  It compels me to sit and look.  Yesterday, I found myself checking to see if an iPhone app existed for Etsy to make mobile browsing easier.  (A couple 99cent apps do exist, but I’m not sure they are official).  Trust me, it’s bad when I start shopping from my cell phone. 

So far, I’ve managed to not purchase anything just yet.  But be warned…I’ve probably already found the perfect Etsy birthday or Christmas gift for you.

Does anybody else have an unhealthy obsession with Etsy or another website? What other neat things have you found while browsing Etsy? Anybody make neat things that they sell on the site?


One thought on “Etsy-Mania!

  1. Yes, I have noticed you are more interested in Etsy than talking to your parents. Wow, I am moving down the list. :(I am going to check Etsy out right now!Love you,~Me

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