Abracadabra…. Organize Closet!

I wish I could simply wave a wand and accomplish large tasks with nothing more than a flick of the wrist.  In actuality, organizing the closet really wasn’t that monumental of a task.  I’m also one of those people that love an afternoon spent organizing things to unleash their full efficiency potential.  My husband thinks I’m crazy.  
Our closet under the stairs would probably afford Harry Potter more room than the one at the Dursley’s residence, but it’s been an inefficient mess since we moved in.  Everything was more or less piled and thrown in there and my earlier attempts at promoting some type of order failed.  (The command hooks I bought and attached to the wall to hold our broom, etc. all fell down).  It also didn’t help that the door needed to be sanded down on the bottom and we were unable to open it more than 8 inches or so without scratching the wood floor.  Not only could you not get into the closet, once you squeezed your way in, you had to dig through piles of stuff to find the paper towels or whatever else you needed.  It wasn’t working and my anally organized self was screaming inside every time I opened the closet.  
I was so excited to finally tackle this project, I neglected to take any before pictures.  I realized too late that I didn’t even have any pictures of the closet from before we moved in.   Suffice it to say the closet was so bad I forbade guests from opening it when they visited.  Here’s the pile of stuff that had all been residing in the closet under the stairs once I cleared it out to start fresh. 

Once the closet was clear, I swept it out and dusted off the shelves inside.  In order to work some magic, Shane and I picked up two ClosetMaid Laundry Shelves at Home Depot along with a ClosetMaid Broom and Mop Organizer.  Shane drilled the holes and I helped him to install the shelves and organizer with the included hardware,  I could then get down to my organizing business.  That pretty much involved me looking at the various fabric bins, plastic milk crates and Rubbermaid containers and grouping like items together. 

Once I had all items sorted and rearranged into appropriate containers, my closet looked like this:

 It’s still a little bit cluttered for my liking, but trust me, it is a huuuuuge improvement.  There are some items, like the cardboard box above, that will move to our shed once we have one.  All that’s left to do in the closet is to install our plastic bag dispenser, purchased from Ikea, and eventually install a light fixture. 

I should also mention, that Shane sanded down the bottom of the door so we can now open it all the way up to get inside the closet.  Not only can I find what I’m looking for, it’s much easier to get inside too!  We would even have room if Harry Potter wanted to visit. 


4 thoughts on “Abracadabra…. Organize Closet!

  1. Nice! I like the ClosetMaid stuff — inexpensive but usually holds up pretty well. Let me know if Harry Potter comes to visit!

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