Quick Bathroom Upgrade

Despite the lack of posts over the last month, Shane and I have been keeping very busy around the house.  Last Sunday we were feeling extra motivated and completed several posts-worth of projects.  Our quick bathroom upgrade was where we started after a post-church trip to Home Depot.

I find it somewhat amusing that I willingly went to Home Depot after church on Sunday.  When I was a kid, my parents forced us to go to the hardware/home improvement stores every Sunday.  We would go to church and then they’d take us out for a treat at Spunky Dunkers or Dunkin’ Donuts.  We’d think we were getting a great deal until after leaving the doughnut shop we would pull into the parking lot at Builders Square.  Was that only a Midwest chain? Does anybody remember the days of Builders Square before Home Depot and Lowes were the only options? I have distinct memories of walking around the home improvement store in my church dress, wondering if my parents would ever let me get home to play again.  Fittingly, I sent my mom and dad a text as we pulled into the Home Depot parking lot on Sunday announcing that the apple doesn’t in fact fall too far from the tree.  They chided me for not stopping for doughnuts first!

Anyways, back to the purpose of the Home Depot trip.  A few weeks ago our poorly installed (not by us!) towel bar fell off the wall in the bathroom.  It turns out that the people that flipped the house and sold it to us did not install a lot of things correctly, often using incorrect hardware.  The worst was the shelf in the closet in the guest bedroom that fell as I was hanging things up in there.  Unsurprisingly, we saw that they had used the wrong screws for the towel bar.  Since the bathroom hardware was ugly, cheap and builder-grade, we decided to replace it all.

Here’s the before pictures:

 I guess I didn’t have a picture of the towel bar before it fell off the wall

 You can’t see it here, but the towel ring was awkwardly placed on the wall and kind of low. 

After using the hooks on the back of our door for a couple weeks, we finally decided it was time to head out to the store.  At Home Depot we picked out Delta Silverton hardware in a chrome finish.  We purchased a 24-inch towel bar, towel ring and a pivoting toilet paper holder.

Once home, the installation was pretty easy.  Each item came with a template for us to accurately mark and drill the necessary holes.  Once drilled, we placed the dry wall anchors (we have plaster walls here) and screwed in the mounting brackets.  After that, all we had to do was slide the hardware into place.  Our towel bar was a smidge longer than the previous one and we moved the towel ring up a couple inches on the wall, leaving us with some holes to patch.  Since we have to patch the walls, we’re contemplating a new paint color for the bathroom.  The previous owners didn’t leave us any paint, and I think the bathroom color is ugly anyway.  I have no idea when we’ll tackle that project, but at least the new hardware added a touch of class to our bathroom in the mean time. 

I present, the after pictures:

I’m a fan of the pivot feature to change the roll!

Do the little, quick projects make anyone else as happy as they make me?


3 thoughts on “Quick Bathroom Upgrade

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