Pearl Jam Pillow

I love finding new uses for old things and creating new ways to keep memories.  This project came about because Shane had a concert t-shirt that shrunk and no longer fit him, but was still too big for me.  I suggested making it into a pillow.  This allowed me to dust off my sewing machine, received as a wedding gift a year and a half ago and not yet used. 

We had an old 12″x12″ light blue pillow from Ikea laying around that I thought would work perfectly.  The problem with light blue pillows from Ikea is that they get dirty and stained over time.  This way, I was able to give new life to a t-shirt and a pillow!

 I started by cutting the front and back of the t-shirt into two 13″x13″ squares, which allowed for seams once it was sewn together.  I had to use my fabric shears for a lack of better options, but I would highly recommend a rotary cutter (looks like a pizza cutter) and mat for straighter and better measured cuts and more ease in general. The jersey cotton used for t-shirts is a pain to cut as it’s stretchy and you want to keep the fabric flat and somewhat taut to get the best cut and the right measurement.  Even with Shane’s help, I think this was the most difficult part of the process.  We then ironed our two t-shirt squares to get them smooth and flat for sewing. 

 Once the squares were nice and smooth, I pinned the right sides facing each other on the inside and the backs facing out.  I then sewed 1/2″ seams on three sides.  On the bottom, I left a gap of about 6″ in the middle, to allow me to turn the pillowcase right-side out and stuff the pillow. 

 Once the pillowcase was flipped and the pillow was stuffed inside I then sewed the 6″ gap closed by hand. 


 Here’s one side of the finished product:

Portia models the other side on the couch:

I have another t-shirt project I’m planning on tackling sometime in the near future.  I want to make a quilt using t-shirts from college.  My Mom is going to lend me her rotary cutting tool soon, so I can get to work cutting up all those t-shirts I have taking up space in my closet.

Are there any other neat t-shirt craft ideas out there you want to share?


3 thoughts on “Pearl Jam Pillow

  1. Cool pillow! Perhaps I can lend you the rotary cutter and mat next month when I come to visit!Great idea to share and reuse old things. Remind me to tell you about the new idea I have for decorating a nursery or child's room.Love you.

  2. Yes! I can't wait for your visit and the future use of the rotary cutting tool! (Even if it's just to cut up the shirts and shrink the amount of space they take up in storage).

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