Murphy’s Law and Dances for the Rain Gods

I’d like to speak with that Irishman Murphy about his law!

Before we got our rain barrel installed, we were getting rain practically every day.  I joked that the minute we got it installed, we would then experience a drought.  I happily believed that wouldn’t be the case when the very next day after installation we had a big storm come through that filled our barrel to capacity.

Boy, do I wish we’d had some rain since!  Our area in metro D.C. is not experiencing a drought by any means – just our little corner.  We’ve only had about 5 minutes of a rain shower in the last 3 weeks.  At first it wasn’t a problem as I hadn’t quite figured out how to use my rain barrel water.  Now that we have flowers in the yard, a compost pile that needs to be kept moist and I’m trying to not neglect my herbs that I planted and it’s been a bijillion degrees I now have quite a need for the water.

The downside is, the water in the barrel has been sitting more or less stagnant for the last 3 weeks.  Not only that, the barrel still smells like pickles and needs to be flushed out.  The result was some pretty smelly water.  It wasn’t so bad at first, but as time went on it got worse – probably with the heat.  It got to the point where Shane refused to use it to wash the car because he couldn’t stand the smell.  So late last week when the weatherman was forecasting thunderstorms Friday, Saturday and Sunday, we were thrilled!

As the weather turned one night with storm clouds and a cold front blowing in, we ran out to the back yard to empty the rain barrel so we could fill it up with fresh water.  We hooked up the hose and tried as quickly as possible to empty the remaining 50 gallons of water.  There was some decent pressure, but 50 gallons really is quite a lot of water when you’re racing a thunderstorm.  We emptied about half the barrel before it got too dark.  Sadly, we went inside and the storm just blew over our area.

We finished emptying the barrel over the next two days, but both times closing the hose bib and going inside hoping for the expected rain to hit.  As of today, we still haven’t seen any rain and the barrel is now sitting empty.

Any ideas for a good rain dance? Our front lawn is brown and I want to keep my pretty petunias alive!


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