Get Whirly Poppin!

It’s the little things in life, right?

There’s nothing quite like getting Christmas gifts in June, so we finally used an e-bay gift card we received for last Christmas and purchased a couple things we’ve really been wanting for awhile.  Shane used his half of the money for his favorite video game.  After his X-Box died and he replaced it with a PS3, he never replaced his Oblivion game.  He happily found a copy on e-bay and got that last week. 

I really wanted to use the gift card for a Whirly Pop Stove-top Popcorn Popper – so I did.  My parents got a stove-top popper last year and kept telling me how great the popcorn was and how the microwave popcorn just doesn’t compare.  We actually purchased one for Shane’s mom for Christmas along with some movie favorites on DVD and had the opportunity to sample the popcorn while we were visiting.  I was totally sold.  It’s just so fresh and delicious and without all the gross chemical additives.  Our Whirly Pop arrived the other day and we couldn’t wait to get poppin’!

Since we didn’t have any popcorn kernels in the house, we were happy to see that our Whirly Pop came with a “Real Movie Theater Popcorn” kit.  After seasoning the popper by heating some oil in it for about 30 seconds and then wiping it out, we were ready to go.  With the kit, all we had to do was dump the kernels and the packaged seasonings into the popper together.  (We have since bought our own popcorn to pop, so next time all we have to do is add a little oil and a cup of kernels and whatever seasonings we can imagine).  Then you place the popper on the burner and turn the crank to keep everything moving and heating evenly inside.  In about 3-4 minutes you have wonderfully delicious popcorn! It’s going to be movie night in the Hanley Household every weekend now!


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