Pink Petunias make me Happy!

Thanks to a generous gift card, we were able to add a little bit of color to our front yard with flowers from Home Depot.  Hooray!

We went to Home Depot last night to pick out our flowers and some planters to put them in.  As much as I would like to purchase some perennials and get a good garden going over here, our yard just isn’t prepared for it.  The garden in the front of the house would seem like a decent start, but the weeds are terrible and the soil is worse.  Just digging around to pull weeds, I have found so much building debris like broken tile and trash in the garden, I’m just not ready to tackle that project yet.  Thus, we thought the planters would be a much better option for the time being.  Plus, we can always move them around to different locations once our ultimate plan for the yard starts to come together. 

I potted the flowers this morning, and in under an hour we had a few splashes of color in the front of our house.  I should’ve snapped some pictures this afternoon because the plants were still looking worse for the wear from a lack of care at Home Depot when I potted and photographed them this morning.  Oh, well.  I was smiling walking up to our house this afternoon to see the pretty flowers out front.

I was so excited to  have such a choice of flowers – all I could really keep on our apartment balcony were impatiens because of all the shade.  Now the front of the house gives me enough daylight to choose flowers that work in full sun.  Oh, the choices! I couldn’t decide on what colors I wanted, so I decided to just do two different things.  Why not? In the first pot, I planted a Cordyline Red Star (that’s the purple spike), two things of Celosia (which are apparently great for cutting) and a Marigold (a favorite of my youth).  

I filled the other two planters identically.  I started with Dracaena Spikes, added pink Petunias, Dusty Miller (a silvery leafy plant I loved when I was younger) and finished with Lavender Skies Supertunias (a Petunia hybrid that will trail over the edge of the planter).

It’s not much, but it’s a start and it makes me happy.  That’s what it’s all about, right?  What gardens or containers are you all planting this year? Any favorite plants or flowers from childhood?


One thought on “Pink Petunias make me Happy!

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