To Do List

Sadly, we haven’t really tackled any projects around here the last couple weeks.  The past two weekends have been filled with family get-togethers and youth group activities with the high school kids we work with at church.

However, I tackled the monster of projects by trying to come up with a list of all the projects we want to work on in the hopefully near future.  I came up with the following list:  (The items in red are big priorities for us right now, and the items in bold face red are super priorities). 


  • Replace locks on front and back doors (We recently learned how bad our locks on our doors actually are and need to take care of it ASAP!)
  • Paint front and back doors
  • Weatherstripping around front and back doors
  • Replace storm door
  • Install new light fixture in front
  • Paint mailbox
  • Purchase new shutters for front windows

Dining Room

  • Purchase new to us dining table and chairs
  • Purchase new to us stools for breakfast bar
  • Purchase “hidden” desk for under front window (Incognito Desk by Crate and Barrel, preferred)
  • Rug for under dining set
  • Hawaiian maps and frames for gallery wall above dining table
  • Bamboo matchstick shades in three windows
  • Additional lamps for lighting – maybe a fixture over the dining table to replace the boob light (that’s a real term!)
  • Refinish bar cabinet
  • New cushion for papa san chair


  • Install mosaic tile back splash
  • Seal granite counter tops
  • Install cabinet to cover dryer vent
  • Bamboo matchstick shade in kitchen window

Utility Room

  • Replace water heater – preferably a tank-less water heater

Family Room

  • Fabric window treatments – probably valences above the wood blinds
  • Hang pictures and art work
  • Plan and install shelving on empty wall
  • Storage solution for music equipment
  • Heating solution for winter – probably a space heater (our baseboard heat in the addition is not going to cut it in the winter)
  • Install ceiling fan
  • Custom wood bench along empty wall above where the duct runs creating awkward space – creates storage underneath

 Stair Closet

  • Install one or two shelves for additional organization
  • Install hooks to hang brooms and mops
  • Screw bag dispenser to wall
  • Install light

Linen Closet

  • Install shelves
  • Sand door so it will close properly


  • Sand door so it will close properly
  • Install floating wall shelves above toilet
  • Install dual flush tank converter on toilet
  • Purchase rug
  • Replace trim around window in shower (they put wooden trim in a shower – it’s already causing a fight against mold and mildew!)
  • New light fixture over vanity

 Our Bedroom

  • New bedding
  • Window treatments – probably Roman shades
  • Custom storage bench under window
  • New hampers (I want these Umbra hampers)
  • Frame and hang Cherry Blossom painting
  • Full length mirror
  • Additional art work for walls
  • Jewelry box for Allison’s dresser
  • Install organizer in closet for ironing board, etc
  • Clean out clothes and donate
  • Nightstands
  • Lamps for additional lighting


  • Clean up fence
  • Install rain barrel
  • Install deck/patio
  • Purchase and install shed
  • Build compost bin
  • Dig up ginormous dandelions
  • Till, fertilize and plant grass
  • Remove old and rotted wooden shed pads

Front Yard

  • Remove chain link and lattice from fence?
  • Remove paint from walkway
  • Edge sidewalk
  • Re-do retaining wall along driveway
  • Level out ground and replant grass (It’s oddly mounded and completely unlevel – a pain when mowing it with our reel mower)
  • Remove old garden under front window and extend front steps to create a small patio
  • Create garden along fence with neighbors

This is what we have in store for probably the next year or so.  I really hope that we can make some real progress.  I always work better when I have a list – there is nothing more satisfying to me than being able to cross something off a list! Hopefully by posting it up here, it will help hold us accountable to what we want to accomplish with work on our house.  I still need to go through and identify those items that we’re going to have to save for so we can plan when we would like to cross them off our list. 


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