Realtime Plumbing Emergency

We’re halfway through dinner tonight and as I’m gazing past my lovely husband’s eyes into the kitchen, I see the following:

I should qualify that the bucket was not on top of the dryer when I first noticed the water damage on the ceiling.  But that’s definitely water damage, and puckered drywall on the ceiling…right underneath our bathtub.
Ahhhhh, the joys of home-ownership.  I guess I can’t call the management office and complain about this one!

After a few brief moments of panic, I gained control of myself once more, and Googled “plumber” along with our zip code.  Michael & Son’s popped up.  They seem pretty reputable, they sponsor the Time and Temperature on ABC-7 and I know a guy that works for them lives down the street (I’ve seen his van parked there many times).  Of course, since my Dad didn’t answer my frantic plumbing emergency calls right away, it seemed like the best option.  I wasn’t really interested in waiting until sometime between 10am and 2pm tomorrow since it looks like part of the ceiling may be getting ready to fall down.  So, I will be paying for emergency plumbing services tonight…whenever the guy can get here.  (Can you just hear the enthusiasm?) I really hope I don’t have to stay up all that late tonight, although it’s already been an hour since I called.

I’ll keep y’all updated, once I have more to go on.  I really was intending on posting tonight on other events in the past two weeks, but that may not really be happening now.


The plumber arrived at about 8:45 tonight.  Not too bad, considering I called at just 7:00pm.  Currently he is simply repairing the obvious leak on the cold water pipe through the access in the back bedroom for the bargain price of $343 (eek!).  We considered cutting open a hole in the ceiling to check for additional leaks, but the additional $150 for that (not counting the money to repair the drywall) talked us out of it for now.  Hopefully this will be it, and we can just tack ceiling repair onto our To-Do list for the house down the road.  Fingers Crossed!


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