Happy Easter!

Hosting Easter at the Hanley’s was a success!

We were joined for Easter dinner by Shane’s aunt, uncle and cousins.  I realized prepping dinner yesterday that this is the first time we have truly hosted anybody for a holiday.  In our tiny one bedroom apartment, it just didn’t make sense.  Parking was a pain in the butt thanks to the apartment management, and our kitchen wasn’t very functional.  So this was a pretty big deal for me and Shane!  To get me in the Easter spirit Shane brought me a lovely bouquet of lilies!

They really smell fantastic! They didn’t really start to open up until today and now the whole dining room smells wonderful and spring-like! The lilies really worked to get me in the mood for cooking dinner.  After a flurry of phone calls to my Mom about cooking temperatures and cooking times, we managed to have everything hot and ready for our guests.  The only small issue was the darn rolls! I made them using pizza dough and despite defrosting the dough overnight in the fridge (as suggested by the package) and then rubbing them with oil and setting them in a warm place to rise, they didn’t rise very well.  Then when I took the baked rolls out of the oven, I had a heck of a time getting them out of the baking dish.  Oh, well.  If that’s the only thing that went wrong, I consider dinner a success! I also had fun getting to purchase a new tablecloth ($9.99 at Target) and centerpiece ($12.98 – 50% off at World Market) for the occasion. 

I decided to name the rabbits Theodore and Oliver.  They just seemed like appropriate names to me, although Shane thinks I’m a little off-balance.  They’re holding a basket of Jordan almonds that I can’t stop snacking on while I write this post!

Action shot of me in the kitchen – placing our ham in the oven.  Artsy photography courtesy of Shane. 

We ended up having so much fun with the Hanley Ohana over dinner and then a couple games of Apples to Apples before dessert that we totally forgot to take any photos of us all together.  Oops!

In other news, we finally closed out our apartment lease today! Hallelujah! I thought that maybe it would be a little bittersweet, but it just feels like a relief! I rented my very first apartment at that complex (a very modest studio) and then Shane and I had our first home there in a slightly larger 1-bedroom for the last two years.  I was just so glad to be done dealing with apartment management I gave them a big peace-out as we drove away. 

We also did a ton of work in the yard today, which is why we’re both feeling sore and exhausted.  I will finally post more about the yard and what we’re working on tomorrow. 


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