I know this post is long overdue.  The last couple weeks have been pretty hectic.  As government employees, both my husband and I were paying close attention to the budget crisis and potential government shutdown only to be disappointed that we wouldn’t get a few days off.  That’s okay though since we were also worried about being furloughed and having to make that dreaded first mortgage payment. 

Once the shutdown crisis was averted, we ran into some car trouble.  Our main ride, Francisco, was at the body shop to be repaired after we were rear-ended a few weeks ago.  Meanwhile, we were left with our older backup Amigo which wasn’t a big deal at all since we both take public transportation to work now and only really use the car on weekends.  With such beautiful timing, the Amigo decided to die on Saturday morning.  He wouldn’t start at all.  No sputter, no noise, nothing.  We’re still not really sure what’s wrong as we haven’t had a chance to investigate further or jump it so we can get it to a repair shop.  This left us with no groceries this weekend, so Saturday night we walked to 7-Eleven to pick up a bottle of wine so we could celebrate being stranded at our new house. 

The good news about being stranded is that it forced us to actually get some work done around the house.  On Sunday we gave the Hanley Home a good cleaning from top to bottom which really hadn’t happened since we moved.  We also got some odds and ends up in the attic and finished unpacking a majority of the boxes.  It really made the place feel more like home. 

We still have another week and a half on our apartment lease; the evil management company wouldn’t let us out of the lease 26 days early.  Because the management is evil, I’m refusing to return our keys until the last possible day.  I’m not sure if it’s a good or bad thing we were able to move slowly.  Initially it felt nice that we didn’t have to kill ourselves to get every last item out and clean the place in a weekend.  We stored some items there that we didn’t want to keep and were planning to donate anyways so we didn’t waste energy moving them.  Now that the church yard sale is over and Salvation Army picked up the last dresser I’m getting tired of having to go over there. Yesterday we moved my husband’s music equipment from the apartment over to the house.  Several guitars, full size keyboard, mics, sound boards… no wonder I was putting it off.  The neat and tidy house we had on Sunday is covered by cords and guitar cases that still need to find a home in the new house.  I think we only have one trip left for planters and some outdoor items that are still on the balcony over there.  I’m anxious to be done moving.  It’s already been over a month since we signed the papers and became homeowners.  I’m tired of moving, I just want to be living in my home now. 

After our cleaning and organizing spree on Sunday, I finally had a chance to get some as-is pics of the house.  I’ll share them in small doses, so here’s what we’re calling the family room.  It’s located in the addition on the back of the house behind the kitchen.  The walls are very noticeably bare.  In fact, the boxes you see are holding pictures that we haven’t yet hung.  Shane’s guitars and music stuff are currently residing on the empty floor space in the pictures.  Otherwise, this room feels the most together for us right now. 

 That’s the door to our back “yard.”  I use the term loosely as you will eventually see in future photos. 

 On the right is this awkward shelf that runs the length of the room.  I’m glad the door hides most of it…it’s got tons of random junk stacked on it right now.  We’re trying to decide what to do with that wall.  We think it’s made for shelves, but we’re not sure where we’re going to take it just yet. 

Look for more pictures of other rooms to come soon!


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