Boxes and Fireplaces

Wow! The last week and half has really been a whirlwind.  Luckily, we were so busy with the move, Mom didn’t have a chance to notice the lack of cleanliness in either the apartment or the new house.  Thank goodness Mom and Dad came into town to help us out! We really would’ve been lost and confused otherwise. 

We made a major trip to Ikea on Thursday and left with an entirely new bedroom set including our new bigger queen-size mattress (we’ve been sharing our futon mattress with our two cats for far too long!)  Friday was the day of the big move.  I swear I donated a ton of items before getting ready for the move, but I feel like we have way too much stuff, but we still don’t have the right things for the new place.  After moving the last load of things from the apartment last night, I feel another donation purge coming on soon.  Just as soon as I’m organized. 

Despite the new furniture, our bedroom, like the rest of the house, is still very much a work in progress.   I’m really anxious to get all the boxes unpacked and out of here.  Maybe then we can get a feel for how the place works and is coming together.  Pictures will be coming soon…just as soon as I find the camera again.  I have no idea where it is.

On another note, we got a really cool housewarming gift from a friend – an Eco Flame tabletop fireplace. I’d never seen such a thing before yesterday, but it’s really neat!  Looks like this:

According to the description, it’s supposed to be indoor/outdoor which would be great for our family room which is an addition with inadequate heat.  However, the directions had so many warnings and restrictions about where you could place it and what you could place it on.  We think it’ll work better for us outside once we get our patio space set up.  We also need to order some fuel (it uses clean burning bio fuel) before we can test it out.  I’ll have to post once we test it out.  The Eco Flame website also has fireplaces intended to heat whole rooms…maybe we’ll look in to getting one of those for our family room in the future.  


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