Cleaning Wars

My worst nightmare: my mother is coming tomorrow and my house is dirty!

I used to laugh at my mom when she would obsessively clean before anyone ever came over.  For dinner guests we’d spend the morning vacuuming, cleaning the bathrooms and making sure the house was neat and tidy. For family we’d put in a little more effort – mow the lawn, mop the floor.  If grandma was coming over, my mom would scrub and scrub until the whole house sparkled.  As a child, I never really understood the compulsion.  Now, as an adult, I find myself giving it some elbow grease to get things extra clean when my mom comes to visit. 

Of course, I’m in the middle of moving and the idea of a sparkling clean house (or apartment) is just not possible.  Our apartment is a mess of boxes and items strewn around as I try to make some sense of what I’m packing.  Our house is relatively clean, although we’ve been fighting plaster dust wars.  When we moved in, the house was pretty dirty from the renovations and the people doing home tours.  So immediately my husband and I set to work to clean up the place.  He spent an entire afternoon thoroughly cleaning the wood floors on the first floor until they shined.  The next day, however, the contractor came to repair the ceiling where the leak was and plaster dust had once again settled everywhere!  I spent another morning cleaning off the appliances, counters and cabinets in the kitchen and sweeping the floors just to have more dust appear the next day.  Ugh! How am I supposed to move anything into a dirty house?  It’s left me feeling like all I’ve accomplished so far since becoming a home-owner is mopping my own floor several times over. 

Between cleaning sprees, we’ve managed to move quite a bit of our stuff over to the new house.  I didn’t think we really had all that much stuff in our 1-bedroom apartment, especially considering all the things I’ve set aside to donate.  Once you have to pack and move it all, it’s another story! I really can’t wait until we get the moving truck on Friday and we can really empty out our apartment. 

In the meantime, I guess I’ll just have to accept that all I can do is vacuum and dust around the boxes in my apartment…and hope that my mom doesn’t notice that my apartment and house are only semi-clean.  (I love you, Mom!)


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