Ice cream cakes & Leaky ceilings

Great news: We’re officially home-owners!

Bad news: It’s still raining and our roof is still leaking!

We negotiated with the seller and they had a contractor working on repairing the roof yesterday afternoon. Unfortunately, it started to rain earlier than expected, so they were unable to finish the work replacing the roof. The contractor should finish up in the next day or two on the roof and they’re going to repair the drywall in the ceiling as well. The best part – the seller is footing the bill! Hooray for final walk-throughs and a great agent!

We got to the title company’s office a little before noon today and were done by 1 pm. Sure, we signed our names a bunch of times and handed over a sizable check but all seemed entirely too easy. Our wonderful agent ended it all perfectly with an ice cream cake and gifts for the new home-owners! I guess the weight will really set in when we have to make that first mortgage payment.

Once we signed the papers this afternoon and had our key in hand, we experienced the joys of home-ownership with a leaky ceiling. We now have a bucket in the middle of our family room to collect the rain water seeping through the roof. At least that leaky ceiling is all ours!

Let the move begin!!!


5 thoughts on “Ice cream cakes & Leaky ceilings

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